As no one has shown interest nor support to allow this organization to be revived and active, the remaining "board" may be forced to terminate the association per Article XV of the by-laws.  All interested parties are so noticed.

A previous post -

In the meantime, as you all know Beth had to leave the Presidency and Joe, as Vice President, took over.  Now Joe has left code enforcement due to force reduction and is no longer with us.  This leaves us with a very lean association board.  We really need some volunteers to accept a position to fill us out and plan towards next year when we will hold formal elections.

Well folks, it's getting worse and unless some members choose to help, our association may be doomed!  Clint is retiring and will no longer be able to participate and Heather has been moved to a patrol position with her PD and is no longer involved with code enforcement.  That leaves Kevin and Larry as the sole members of the board...HELP!

Please let Kevin or Larry know if you would be willing to help:

Kevin                          208-573-9462

Larry                          208-477-2214


We are finding that mailing addresses have changed for many to PO Boxes and the Post Offices are not forwarding to them.  Please up date any changes in address.

Property Values

Helping to improve neighborhood/area appearance and maintenance of property values.


Reducing the potential habitats for pest, vermin, and disease, while enhancing quality of life for all.

Safety and Security

Fighting the hazards and area appearances that lead to area blight.

Membership and Registration

The forms are available here.  The membership for CEPI and AACE is $30.00 and attendance at the annual training conference is $110.00 (membership required).

April 27-29, 2021

Idaho Falls City Council Chambers

City Annex, 680 Park Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402