A letter from the President (below)

For future planning (budget), the 2020 conference will be held in Idaho Falls, April 28-30, 2020.

We had record attendance for this PAST year's conference of 53 attendees!!  LET'S BREAK THAT RECORD FOR 2020.

We are finding that mailing addresses have changed for many to PO Boxes and the Post Offices are not forwarding to them.  Please up date any changes in address to  Heather  (hroehr@emmettpolice.com) .

Property Values

Helping to improve neighborhood/area appearance and maintenance of property values.


Reducing the potential habitats for pest, vermin, and disease, while enhancing quality of life for all.

Safety and Security

Fighting the hazards and area appearances that lead to area blight.

Hello CEPI Members!!!

I hope these past few months have treated you all well. The CEPI Board is hard at work for the 2020 conference/training that will be held in Idaho Falls.

After the conference this year, the new Board had a discussion about the joining of American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) and it was decided to join AACE this year. We submitted everyone’s name in May and you should have received information regarding your membership by now. If for some reason you have not received any information please let me know and I will get this corrected.

The Board has decided to separate the conference/training and membership in CEPI. This year there will be 2 different applications: one is for membership in CEPI and AACE and the other will be for the training/conference. The membership will be $30 which will include the CEPI and the AACE membership. We thought this might make it easier for organizations to be able to have multiple people as members of the organizations and the members would benefit more from being members of both organizations. The one for the conference/training will be $110. This way even if you can’t attend the conference/training you will still be able to be a member of CEPI and AACE and will be able to use the resources that are available.

We will be working on coming up with the criteria/plan to offer a scholarship/grant for individuals that their organization can’t afford to send to the conference. The 2021 conference cost will be raised to $120, $10 going for scholarship/grant. If there are any individuals that would be interested in being on this committee, please let one of the Current CEPI Board members know.

We received great comments from this year’s conference and we will strive to make things better for 2020 conference. Some of the comments were: have a social hour or event, more drawings, shirts for sale, group discussions, more social networking time (these were just a few comments). I am going to contact a local lady about doing a T-shirt to see what she can do for us. I will keep you updated on the progress of this.

Thanks to everyone,

Beth Bresnahan                                          Joe Venneman
Beth Bresnahan, President CEPI             Joe Venneman, Vice-President CEPI

Membership and Registration

The forms are available here.  The membership for CEPI and AACE is $30.00 and attendance at the annual training conference is $110.00 (membership required).

April 28-30, 2020

Idaho Falls City Council Chambers

City Annex, 680 Park Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402