Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

CEPI is an organization created for Idaho code enforcement professionals.  We have been serving code enforcement professionals throughout the state for many years.  Our outreach programs and education initiatives are designed to help those who worked in code enforcement, those new to the profession, those who work alongside code enforcement professionals, those interested in a career in code enforcement, or anyone just seeking information about code enforcement in general.


CEPI Code of Ethics

I shall uphold the constitutional and property rights of all citizens and ensure the process with fairness and consistency.

 I shall conscientiously avoid conflicts of interest, or appearance therefore, and shall not accept, any gift, favor, or service in the performance of my duties.  Nor shall I use the authority of my position in an improper manner. 

I shall act in such a manner as to uphold, enhance, support, and promote the highest standards of honor, integrity, truthfulness, and fairness to inspire public confidence and trust in my profession.

 I shall continually strive to become more knowledgeable of the codes, ordinances, policies, and processes through training and education, thereby providing the highest quality of professional services to the public, my jurisdiction, and professional affiliations.

I shall enforce the codes, ordinances and regulations prescribed by local, state and federal laws in an exemplary manner to promote the public safety, health, welfare, and quality of life in the community by my appointing authority. 

 I shall enforce the laws of my jurisdiction consistently, equally, fairly, without favor, and shall not permit personal feelings, prejudice, friendships, and influences (political or otherwise) to interfere, prohibit or delay the process of enforcement. 

Board Members




Kevin Horan

Acting President - Vice President

Code Enforcement Officer - Ada County





Heather Roehr


Police Officer - City of Emmett


Training Coordinator


Immediate Past President


Larry Robertson

Public Information Officer

Code Enforcement Officer - Gem County

Tennison small

Angela Tennison

Region 1 Representative

Code Enforcement Officer - City of Sandpoint


Region 2 Representative

Ann Peterson

Region 3 Representative

Code Enforcement Officer - City of Idaho Falls